slice1 [ slaıs ] noun count **
1. ) a flat piece of food that has been cut from something larger:
Cut the bread into thick slices.
lemon slices
slice of: a slice of bread/cake/ham/cheese
2. ) slice of INFORMAL a part or share of something:
We're working hard to get a bigger slice of the tourist trade.
a ) a slice of the pie a part of the money or help that is being shared between people:
Mental health organizations should receive a bigger slice of the pie.
3. ) in sports, a way of hitting the ball on its edge so that it curves or spins
a ) a mistake in hitting a ball that makes it curve to the side instead of going straight
4. ) a flat tool used for cutting and lifting food
a slice of life
a description or image of ordinary life
slice 2 [ slaıs ] verb *
1. ) transitive to cut something into flat pieces:
I'll slice some bread.
thinly sliced tomato
a ) intransitive to be cut into flat pieces:
Chill the beef so it slices more easily.
2. ) intransitive to cut something easily:
slice through/into: The saw quickly sliced through the board.
a ) to move through something easily and quickly:
slice through: The boat sliced through the water.
3. ) transitive to hit a ball on its edge so that it curves or spins
a ) to make a mistake when hitting a ball and make it curve to the side instead of going straight
4. ) transitive to reduce an amount of time, money, etc.:
slice something off/from something: They've had $1 million sliced from their budget.
any way you slice it or however you slice it
used for saying that something remains true, whatever way you consider it
,slice `off phrasal verb transitive
to remove something by cutting it:
He accidentally sliced off the tip of his finger.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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